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There are two basic financial arrangements under which we can help you develop a successful product: fixed price and time & materials. Either way, you own the design, the intellectual property, and all the files that define the product.

Typical for small, well-defined projects is a fixed price quote. The project will be divided into phases and you will pre-pay for each phase. If you are an inventor this is how we will proceed.

Another way we work is billing for time & materials on a bi-weekly, or monthly basis. To iniate a project we will ask for a retainer and later credit this retainer to an open invoice. If you are accustomed to this arrangement and have a standard contract, we will review and sign your contract. Otherwise, we will execute a version of this Agreement. You may want a not-to-exceed amount specified in the Agreement, and that can be added. You can also control this by issuing a PO which we will bill against.

Note that our Agreement includes a confidentiality clause but if you have an NDA, we will sign it.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions on this topic; or if you'd like to contact client or vendor references.

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